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We’ve designed our checking accounts around the diverse needs of our members. Find out which account best suits your needs.
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ATM Network

If you have an Ultra Free Checking or Payback Checking account, you can use any ATM for free. Plus, we’ll even automatically rebate you the ATM surcharge.

For those who have any of our other checking accounts or just a savings account, we proudly offer the CU24 ATM Network. This network allows you to make free unlimited withdrawals from “CU Here” locations nationwide. (Over 100,000!) Plus, some of the ATMs allow you to make deposits as well. Simply look for the “CU Here” logo.
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Benefits Plus®

At Prestige Community Credit Union, our goal has always been to enable you to “Live Successfully”. We have found another way to give you the most for your membership. Introducing Benefits Plus®, a comprehensive benefit that can make a real difference in your life. From savings on groceries to the trip of a lifetime, Benefits Plus® will help you and your family get more and do more, for less! Discover all you’re entitled to:


  • Identity Theft Protection & Security Center
  • Travel services with discounts & rebates
  • Dining & entertainment
  • Retail stores & gifts
  • Health services
  • Family fun
  • Health services
  • Cash Back Rewards! Earn up to 33% CASH BACK when shopping at over 350 on line retailers with your registered debit or credit card! Simply visit BenefitsPlus to register!
  • And much more!

Benefits Plus® can be added to any existing Prestige checking account for a 90-day free trial offer and then at the low price of $5 per month. You can save hundreds of dollars per month, which will more than pay for it!

There’s just so many ways you and your family can save when you become a Benefits Plus® member that we invite you to visit the website at for more information or call a Prestige Community Credit Union Member Service Representative at 972-715-4444 for complete details. Start saving today!

Prestige Community Credit Union has selected Generations Gold, Inc. a fully independent third party service provider, to provide travel and other discounted services to Benefits Plus® members. Prestige Community Credit Union assumes no liability for any of the providers in fulfilling their services. All liabilities, claims, damages and demands are the direct responsibility of Generations Gold, Inc., the benefits provider. Discounts received through Benefits Plus® may not be used in conjunction with other financial services discounts. Benefits subject to change. Please visit the website or contact Benefits Plus® at 1.866.329.7587 for further details.

Courtesy Pay

Courtesy Pay is a service that adds an extra level of protection to your Prestige checking account. Courtesy Pay covers your insufficient funds checks (NSF) up to your approved limit for one fee per transaction. That means instead of returning a check to the merchant because of insufficient funds, Prestige pays your check, saving you from additional fees charged by the merchant. Most importantly, it saves you the embarrassment an inadvertent overdraft can cause.

What is Courtesy Pay?
What is the difference between Overdraft Protection Transfer and Courtesy Pay?
What is my Courtesy Pay limit?
Is there a fee for Courtesy Pay?
What types of transactions are covered by or qualify for Courtesy Pay?
Why does Prestige provide this service?
Why should I opt-in to Courtesy Pay for ATM and everyday debit card transactions?
If I opt-in to Courtesy for ATM and everyday debit card transactions, will my items always be paid?
What if I never plan to use Courtesy Pay?
When will my ATM and Debit Card Courtesy Pay decision take effect?
How do I opt-in to Courtesy Pay for ATM and everyday debit card transactions

Card Valet

Debit cards offer both convenience and risk. You can make purchases as easily as using credit, but if your card falls in the wrong hands, your personal accounts are vulnerable. Now, you can safeguard your information with CardValet™, the mobile app that lets you deactivate your debit card when it’s not in use. Protect your debit card against fraud and theft by turning it on and off, and get real-time alerts to ensure your card is used only by you. Sign up today and download the CardValet mobile app.


  • Card usage controls: Spending limits can be established to allow transactions up to a certain dollar value and decline transactions when amounts exceed pre-defined thresholds. Transactions can also be monitored or controlled for specific merchant categories such as gas, hotel, travel, restaurants, groceries or electronic stores
  • Card on/off setting: When the card is “on,” transactions are allowed in accordance with each cardholder’s usage control settings. When the card is “off,” no purchases or withdrawals are approved until the card is turned back “on.” This control can be used to disable a lost or stolen card
  • Location-based controls: The My Location control can restrict transactions to merchants located within a certain range of each cardholder’s location (using the phone’s GPS); transactions requested outside of the specified range can be declined
  • Interactive alerts: CardValet can send a real-time alert when a card is used, when a transaction is approved and exceeds any of the permitted use policies, or when a card transaction has been attempted but is declined
  • Financial features: CardValet also enables cardholders to conduct limited card-related transactions wherever they are, any time of the day, including real-time balance inquiries and locating ATMs
*Available for Apple iOS and Google Android devices.
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