Commitment to members.

The word “PRESTIGE” is defined as a reputation or influence arising from success.  Everyone wants to be successful in life and every person has an idea of what it means to be successful.  Each person goes about achieving that success in different ways.

The credit union has a long history of commitment to its members.  Our brand represents our continued commitment to help people attain the successful financial standing they strive to achieve.  The credit union was originally created to help individuals better themselves through the strength of the collective group.  PRESTIGE COMMUNITY CREDIT UNION is the result of our member’s financial success.  We will continue to use that collective strength to raise individual members to the “PRESTIGE” they desire.

“Whatever it takes to achieve your “PRESTIGE”…whether it’s to live in a beautiful home, drive a nice car, be debt free, start your own business, retire comfortably or if you are just becoming financially independent; we are here to help you accomplish that lifestyle.”



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