Card Control


Which cards can I control using Card Control?
How quickly can I see a new card in Card Control?
What is Card Status and what happens if I turn a card ON or OFF?
What transactions can I set up to be blocked or declined?
How can I receive alerts?
Where do I specify the types of alerts I want?
What if I want to add or change my phone number or email address?
What transactions give me alerts?
How quickly will I receive alerts on transactions?
Are there fees to set up declines or receive alerts?
How quickly do updates in Card Alerts go into effect?
Can I set or change limits for all my cards at once?
What happens to my Card Alert settings when I receive a reissued card?
What happens if my card is lost or stolen?






Card Control Terms and Conditions

These provisions apply to the Card Control Service and are part of our Agreements & Disclosures. We may amend this agreement at any time. You may be required to accept the revised agreement in order to continue using the service. By utilizing the Card Control Service, you acknowledge and warrant complete understanding and agree to be bound by it.

Service Disclaimers

There may be service disruptions or events beyond our control that could adversely affect the Card Control Service. Such disruptions or events include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Natural disasters
  • Power outages
  • Telecommunication system delays or outages
  • Data plan service limitations

These service disruptions could result in, but are not limited to, a delay in receiving alerts or card transactions being approved/denied while a card has been turned on/off.

Additionally, you agree and understand that stop-payment requests on any debit card transactions that have been previously approved or pre-authorized as a single or recurring payment using this Card Control Service are not allowed nor permitted. Once a card transaction has been approved, the funds to cover the transaction will be withdrawn from and posted to your account as well as applicable overdraft services and fees.

We reserve the right to terminate this service without prior notice but will make every effort to alert you beforehand.

Card Control Service

The Card Control Service is accessible through Prestige’s online banking and mobile app to provide you the ability to control and manage your Card(s). You can set alerts and controls on transactions based on certain criteria and parameters.

If you turn off your Card, your alert and restriction preferences will be deactivated. If you turn your card back on, your alerts and preferences will be restored.

  • Turn your Card on/off
  • Turning your card off does not cancel or deactivate your card permanently. You must contact the credit union at the number on the back of your card (800-423-3229) to do so.
  • Limit card usage based on merchant type, transaction type, location type and spending limits
  1. MERCHANT TYPE: Specified categories include Department Stores, Entertainment, Gas Station, Groceries, Household, Personal Care, Restaurants, Travel, Age Restricted, Others
  2. TRANSACTION TYPE: Specified transaction types include In Store, Online, Mail/Phone Order, Autopay Recurring, Mobile Wallet, ATM and Others
  3. LOCATION TYPE: Block or receive alerts for transactions outside the U.S.
  4. SPEND LIMITS: Thresholds can be set for purchase values above a specified amount or when available balance is below a specified amount

Receive instant card transaction and near real-time alerts, via push, SMS* or email notification on your mobile device.

In order for you to receive notifications, you must enable notifications on your device.

* Standard messaging and data usage fees apply. Contact your mobile device carrier for details.

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